• Risk Devolution 1.00 Beta

    preview of Risk Devolution 1.00 Beta

    European/North African Risk English, French, German & Spanish Language Support. 188 Cities in 55 Countires. Many Host/Player Options.

  • LOAP Cryztalx

    You can be a Police, Yakuza Gang, Drug Dealer, Terrorist, Secret Agent or just be a normal city person that makes the most of his life. Just listen to Crystalx and be fair.

  • Hunted by a Psycho V1.4 (with AI)

    preview of Hunted by a Psycho V1.4 (with AI)

    Every Victim get 1 Point per Second, the Psycho loses 1 per second. If the Psycho kill a Victim, he becomes a Victim and get 100 Points, and the killed victim Respawns as the Psycho

  • Unlu TD

    preview of Unlu TD

    4 kisiliktir az yada faazla oyuncuyla oynanmaz cok k?ll? yunlu bir haritadir turkceye uyarlanmistir uyarlayan -TnT-Turko- & -TnT-Balanar-

  • Hero Builder Arena 9.0

    preview of Hero Builder Arena 9.0

    In this map, you basically create a hero. You choose the model, the abilities, and the ultimate special. You can then proceed to either the training area or the advanced hunting area. Every 15 min, there will be either a team duel, or a singles duel.

  • Inuyasha Maul v. 7.2

    Train the heroes from the past to keep the Forces of Northrend from escaping.

  • DotA Allstars v6.34 AI Ver1.01B

    Choose from 77 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients. Modes: -ap, -ar, -lm, -mm, -tr, -dm, -mr, -du, -sp, -sh, -aa, -ai, -as, -id, -em, -np, -sc

  • Sheep vs Shadow : T.O.D

    preview of Sheep vs Shadow : T.O.D

    The shadows are claming that sheeps are guilty as they eat grass, which is a gift of God to earth. You now have to protect the sheeps and defeat the nonsense shadows.

  • Green TD 8.55

    preview of Green TD 8.55

    Version 8.55 - Level 5 Priests fixed again, i added extra health, killing a monster with only 60 health and 5 armour is mega easy(i made is harder for pros) - Fixed some Language problems (with Frost tower) - Also juiced up the level 4 frost tower

  • Life of a Peasant w/ Hitman

    preview of Life of a Peasant w/ Hitman

    Play as a cop or a normal peasant. Become drug dealer, Mail man, doctor And many more. By XxShoto_KanxX and I337_Skillz_Ave. Hitman added by Sephff9

  • BftS v3.0

    preview of BftS v3.0

    -ap -ar -sm -usm -dm -re -da -ms -ma

  • Conquest Open Rpg V.2

    preview of Conquest Open Rpg V.2

    Love RPG's, love to PvP with your friends in arenas, or do you just like to kill everything in your path and kill bosses to get great items? Than dl and host Conquest! It has _-Save and Load-_ and you will love this map when you get level 50 or higher.

  • DotA Allstars v6.36b AI 1.03a

    Choose from 79 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients. Modes: -ap, -ar, -lm, -mm, -tr, -dm, -mr, -vr, -du, -sp, -sh, -aa, -ai, -as, -id, -em, -np, -sc

  • WOPH Budoy Test Map 1.4

    preview of WOPH Budoy Test Map 1.4

    Hero Name: Budoy Model: Temporarily the same as Rhasta's Affiliation: Liga ng Liwanag Primary Attribute: Agility Strength: 18 + 1.8 Agility: 20 + 1.9 Intelligence:12 + 1.1 Attack: Ranged (500) Movespeed: 295 TEST MAP by SlugOnIce

  • WMW Tournament Ed v2.2b

    preview of WMW Tournament Ed v2.2b

    Read the 'Map Info' button ingame and visit my site for more details.http://bmgcl.emuxhaven.net

  • Insane survival V1.8

    preview of Insane survival V1.8

    Survive in the wilderness against all odds! Watch out for the dangers of starvation, freezing, wild animals, and, most importantly, each other! The last survivor wins it all! type -suicide for fun

  • Green TD Noob V[8.2]

    preview of Green TD Noob V[8.2]

    Version 7 Made By TD_PRO_2006 -1 Towerupgrades added to Poisson Tower -1 Towerupgrades added to Frost Tower -1 Towerupgrades added to Air Tower -6 Towerupgrades added to Fire Trap -Increase Some Tower's Damage -All Levels are now harder [For Pros]

  • Etherain Open Rpg V.7

    preview of Etherain Open Rpg V.7

    Etherain Open Rpg V.7 - A world of good and evil but one of the best things about this orpg is that its an Orpg with _-Save & Load-_ and PvP! Hundreds of Items, Leveling spots, Quests, and so much fun with fullhouse! Orpg (No www) Etherain.Tripod.Com

  • Battle Ships Caribbean v28

    preview of Battle Ships Caribbean v28

    First version: The Curse of the Black Pearl. / Final / This Version: The Dead Mens Chest. / Final / 20 times tested, no bugs found. if you find, Theodor@wormit.dk For contract sparrow here. Version 20.18

  • 9 Heroes Battles v0.25

    Pick a Hero, level up & add stats with your lumber no auto stats, combine items, defend your base & try to destroy the armies base. Armies are controlled by Advanced AI.

  • Dwarves Vs Goblins n Orcs

    preview of Dwarves Vs Goblins n Orcs

    Dwarves - Withstand the onslaught for 30 minutes! Goblins/Orcs - Slay the dwarves before your supplies run out!

  • Last Isle AoS v1.2

    preview of Last Isle AoS v1.2

    Join the war for control over the Last Isle. v1.2 - -6 new heroes -worked multiple bugs

  • Battleship Islands v1.62

    preview of Battleship Islands v1.62

    Based on the work of Sked and incoorperating some of the ideas laid down by Quantum_theory and Suppressor. This is the latest installment of Battleship Islands 07/07/2006. Abilities reviewed and two new ships permanently added. Outrider&Pocket Battleshi

  • Europe Risk v9.2

    preview of Europe Risk v9.2

    A Risk map based on the continent Europe by Ultix. Map protected.

  • Teds War chasers V1.5

    preview of Teds War chasers V1.5

    Four daring souls embody a hero and somewhat co-operatively fight their way through a strange sity against overwhelming masses of monsters! (Turn 'Subtitles' on)

  • War of the Jewels UN 4b

    Battles of Beleriand:The Elves deem Melkor is no longer unassailable and set out to challenge his might and regain the Silmarils. Though others are driven after the silmarils through lust and jealousy. Join our Official Forum at: Http://ringwars.x187.co

  • Blademaster Wars v0.1

    Fight free for all! Computers play! Use (A) to attack! Use (D) to defense! Map by Z a h i

  • Mafa TD: ANiMeX version 0.83b

    preview of Mafa TD: ANiMeX version 0.83b

    Originally modified from Mafarazzo TD 2.5c Now even harder runners!! And now builders can attack! New Sniper Tower and Hero added! New Boss Round! New Neutral Boss for extra money and lumber! V 0.83b -Fixed bug on Neutral boss

  • MafaTD: Z version 3.00a

    preview of MafaTD: Z version 3.00a

    Originally modified from Mafa TD: Z version 3.0Let's do this together...Team Work Essential.

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    preview of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    VICTORY: Gain 1500 points ! HOW TO GET MONEY: destroy houses, steal cars, rob the bank etc.... HOW TO USE MONEY: buy better weapons and items HOW TO GET A CAR: kill them to get in use detonate to get out

  • Simple Living 2.0

    preview of Simple Living 2.0

    You are a common peasant. To pay for taxes, food and shelter you must work as a lumberjack, farmer, hunter, carpenter, fisher, miner, blacksmith or some other common shopkeep or worker. Your wealth and skills will increase over time, making you more.. 2.0

  • Hatchling's Tag FINAL

    The new evolution of tree tag. Nine last dragon hatchlings escape from ferocious fel beasts. Are the hatchlings succed to survive, grow into powerful dragons, and kill their foes or will they get crushed by the fel beasts?

  • FighterFx

    preview of FighterFx

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  • PWNT

    preview of PWNT

    A paladin and an archmage get into an argument and summon lightning (and plenty of footmen) to defeat each other. You choose who wins! (Interactive Cinematic)

  • Defense Of Krondor v1.1

    preview of Defense Of Krondor v1.1

    Krondor is under attack! its your job to defend it from the Emerald Queen. Added 3 heroes, Fixed Some Scripts, Fixed the hero Bug, prettied up the courtyard, creeps are harder and come every 30 seconds.