• Europe Risk v9.2b

    preview of Europe Risk v9.2b

    A Risk map based on the continent Europe by Ultix. Map protected.

  • Official PANDA TAG 2.5

    preview of Official PANDA TAG 2.5

    You are a panda or an panda raper, and if you are a panda you have to run away from the different rapers and build a big defensive or offensive base. But if you are a raper you have to rape all the pandas.

  • USA vs IRAQ

    preview of USA vs IRAQ

    This is a missile war, where you have to defend your base and also send rockets to your opponent, this map was made by Frodo[SoG] and I remade it from german to english so all can understand

  • X-Men vs. Brotherhood v1.07

    preview of X-Men vs. Brotherhood v1.07

    New version of X-Men games, two teams of mutants that battle each other on a map filled with anti-mutant protestors, wild beasts, and other secrets.

  • Hands of Sorrow Knight v0.61b

    preview of Hands of Sorrow Knight v0.61b

    -ar,-aar,-ap,-tl,-sm,-ss,-shg,-ram,-nu AOS with custom heroes, custom skills, custom upgrades, stats and recipes and legendary items... Made by Tomaxko www.hoskmap.com !!!!

  • DotA Allstars v6.36

    Choose from 79 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients. Modes: -ap, -ar, -lm, -mm, -tr, -dm, -mr, -vr, -du, -sp, -sh, -aa, -ai, -as, -id, -em, -np, -sc

  • The Art To Survival v1.6

    preview of The Art To Survival v1.6

    This is a realistic survival game. Hunt from a range of 12 different animals. Keep a watering hole nearby. Enter your tent to sleep. Gather lumber to maintain your fire. Search for rocks and vines to make items. Find the right items, make the flare, win.

  • Maze of Doom V4.0!

    preview of Maze of Doom V4.0!

    Created by WyvernLeader: This is my first map and First Alot of thanks to Coovoo I had to look at some of his maps to see how the triggers worked.

  • 9 Heroes Battles v0.24

    Pick a Hero, level up & add stats with your lumber no auto stats, combine items, defend your base & try to destroy the armies base. Armies are controlled by Advanced AI.

  • rulerofiron99's Open RPG 2 Alpha

    preview of rulerofiron99's Open RPG 2 Alpha

    An open RPG forged from the depths of boredom and wanting more orpgs to play. *alpha stage* Contact: ruler_of_iron_99@yahoo.com Version Updates: New items, alliance triggers, new shop, various important fixes (17.8.06)

  • Boxed Tower War Final

    preview of Boxed Tower War Final

    Four teams compete with eachother by sending various 'creeps' at eachother. 30 lives each. Various races. Three summoning tiers.

  • BattleArena Allstars0.88

    preview of BattleArena Allstars0.88

    Hero arena type map without items! All heroes are level 10. Very dynamic though. This version features 75 heroes. If some of the players leave the game they will be replaced by computer heroes under shared control of their allies.

  • The King Returns

    preview of The King Returns

    The king has returned from a war safely! What could possibly happen in his land?well...play and find out...

  • OrcsUnd vs HumNElves 3.4.2v

    preview of OrcsUnd vs HumNElves 3.4.2v

    La Tipica Pelea de Orcos Contra Humanos pero ahora con algunos arreglos Con 4 Heroes Nuevos y Habilidades 3 Comercios Nuevos con 18 items nuevos. Seguimos Arreglando Bugs (Arreglado el Atk del Cazador de Demonios)

  • Conflict of Kingdoms Beta 0.28

    preview of Conflict of Kingdoms Beta 0.28

    Those who have been Forsaken from the kingdoms have started a campaign to dominate the land in revenge. The Guardian Kingdom is the only force strong enough to put them back in their place. Who will control the land?


    preview of FOOTMEN FIGHT v3.2

    New version Footmen: ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. FOOTMEN FIGHT ,.,.,.,.,., It catch sword and it slash enemy!!!

  • Battle Tanks 6.63d - MG

    preview of Battle Tanks 6.63d - MG

    The war between Light Forces and Dard Forces must end. Buy tanks, weapons and equipment and destroy your enemies base! |n|n Modded by -MacGyver- Please Visit www.bt-mg.com |nCredit to N-a-z-g-u-l

  • Tag You're It! Ver. 2.0

    preview of Tag You're It! Ver. 2.0

    Select from one of 12 different unit sets and embark on a wild game of tag with friends, family and foe. This game comes with 3 different game modes, spirit items, transport units, reward points system, and now includes special Dark & Light Unit Sets.

  • Teds War chasers V1.8

    preview of Teds War chasers V1.8

    Four daring souls embody a hero and somewhat co-operatively fight their way through a strange sity against overwhelming masses of monsters! (Turn 'Subtitles' on)

  • Life in Troy[BetaD]

    preview of Life in Troy[BetaD]

    Life in Troy[betac] is based on loap but alot better. Ok Best Thing is about the war This is still under construction....

  • Kral svaalar? v5.60

    preview of Kral svaalar? v5.60

    Kral ekonoiyi sagl?yarak komutanlar?na adil bisimde dag?t?r ve kars?k? krall?g? yok etmeye cal?s?l?r.

  • PotA v1.0 beta

    preview of PotA v1.0 beta

    The line has been drawn, alliances have been made, the battle to Protect the Ancients has begun. Choose to become any of the 24 heroes and make war for the sake of the Earth, or for world domination...

  • WOEv1.23

    preview of WOEv1.23

    New Item - Gatepass Upcoming Heroes below Tavern New Security Guard Better Terrain New Hero - Nikko Caballero Kevin Digamon WEAKENED Jonas Borga WEAKENED Leather Shoes,Rubber Shoes improved

  • Blink Attack v1.9[B]

    preview of Blink Attack v1.9[B]

    The blink wars have begun! ||=-Updates-=|| Blink no cooldown less mana Now you have to get blink first New ability

  • Black TD (survivor) v1.1

    preview of Black TD (survivor) v1.1

    Another of this "color TD's" like Green, Blue etc... You know how to play a TD? Come and test this! You are alone but if one upgrades the enemy's creeps...

  • DOTA Coff v.1.86

    Updates: Mas Fusiones Balanceados Todos Los Heroes Nuevo Heroe , Spirit Walker

  • WOPH Budoy Test Map

    preview of WOPH Budoy Test Map

    Hero Name: Budoy Model: Temporarily the same as Rhasta's Affiliation: Liga ng Liwanag Primary Attribute: Agility Strength: 18 + 1.8 Agility: 20 + 1.9 Intelligence:12 + 1.1 Attack: Ranged (500) Movespeed: 295 TEST MAP by SlugOnIce

  • Etherain O.R.P.G. V.6a

    preview of Etherain O.R.P.G. V.6a

    Etherain Open Rpg V.6a - A world of good and evil but one of the best things about this orpg is that its an Orpg with _-Save & Load-_ and PvP! Hundreds of Items, Leveling spots, Quests, and so much fun with fullhouse! Orpg (No www) Etherain.Tripod.Com

  • Green TD ProS V[8.4]

    preview of Green TD ProS V[8.4]

    Version 7 Made By TD_PRO_2006 -Ice Tower can upgrade to fight!!! -4 Different Ultimate Seige Tower -All Levels are now harder [For Pros] -Add wave 37 !!!

  • Legendary Gladiators v3.9

    The Game Continue, this is the v3.9 .There are 2 Doors and computer works very good, there are 45 rounds with 3 levels of difficulty, New items!.Gladiators are enhanced and have new spells.