• Heroes & Armies GOLD 1.4

    preview of Heroes & Armies GOLD 1.4

    Heroes & Armies GOLD edition ! Version by David_87 - 15lvl spells! - upgrades for units - events on lvl 25 and 40, duels

  • Tides of Blood v.99n Final *BETA*

    preview of Tides of Blood v.99n Final *BETA*

    By Windigo, Cassiel and Kaz www.tidesofblood.com Select "Advanced Options" --> "Random Heroes" for team random heroes or "Random Races" for all random heroes.

  • RotS 1.12

    preview of RotS 1.12

    Choose your team, fight your way to enemy's base and destroy their base

  • Angel Arena: Frozen 1.66

    preview of Angel Arena: Frozen 1.66

    Angel Arena: Frozen with an New Theme and Evolving Heroes! Angel Arena: Frozen - Evolve Your Hero, Ensure Your Survival! - Discover New, Rare Treasures - Enjoy Balanced Heroes! - Play New Arena's! GL & HF!

  • DragonBallZ Final BattleV0.37

    preview of DragonBallZ Final BattleV0.37

    At the beginning you can choose on which side you want to play, you can play on the good side or on the evil side as well if you want. You have to get experience very fast, because the creeps are changed by the player with the highest level.

  • 3v3 NO FOOD!!!!!!!!

    preview of 3v3 NO FOOD!!!!!!!!

    ALL THE UNITS IN THIS MAP ARE FREE OF LUMBER, UPGRADES AND HERO'S DO COST LUMBER! THERE IS NO FOOD LIMIT IN THIS MAP!Naga and DRAINEI are available at marketplace and all heros have a upgraded skill and new heros are available at tavern

  • Poke'mon World Advanced (10.1)

    preview of Poke'mon World Advanced (10.1)

    On a whole new* island, Poke'mon trainers gather from around the world to start on a brand new adventure. Although they left their prized Poke'mon behind they are surely capable of raising new ones. Sylvanas911

  • Apcalipsis Tag v.[1.67]

    preview of Apcalipsis Tag v.[1.67]

    Comiensa la apocalipsis que durara 30 dias y 29 noches Solo se quedaron en la tierra los pecadores y algunos santos y sacerdotes Resiste a la apcalipsis mientras dura para poder repoblar la tierra E-mail: yesos_45@hotmail.com

  • Diablo Duel v2.01

    ==Win== Get 2000 Score Win.== Kill 1 Npc get 1 Score Kill other plays hero get 35 Score Kill Diablo's Hero get 150 Score ==Lose== Get 0 Score Lose== Die lost 30 Score. Download new version: http://e.1asphost.com/pennyshea/

  • Multi Square Defense v14.6

    preview of Multi Square Defense v14.6

    - Objetive: Destroy your oponent's castle and defend your own! - Computers work in this map, they are as good as an average player. http://multisquared.com

  • Micro Arena 4ever v.15

    preview of Micro Arena 4ever v.15

    Create your dream army and defeat your opponents in the arena. Tournament will RESTART, Don't Leave !!! The best Micro Arena of the world created by SeXy_Meta.

  • Town Paintball v1.01

    preview of Town Paintball v1.01

    Town free for all paintball the original map scriptor is Vuen (vuen@lycos.com) all CustomShadow did is create the map layout

  • Tree Tag, The 2 Invasion

    preview of Tree Tag, The 2 Invasion

    You are an ent or an infernal. if you are an ent you have to run away from the different infernals. But if you are an infernal you have to burn all the ents.

  • Line Tower War 1.0

    preview of Line Tower War 1.0

    A tower defense that is skill of players against players. Note:If u want to practice put a

  • GanjaGrowers&Gangs v0.35 P

    preview of GanjaGrowers&Gangs v0.35 P

    Ganja Growers & Gangs. A builders and fighters style game in which the builder grows ganja and the fighter sells it to fund wars.

  • Tag You're It! Ver. 1.9

    preview of Tag You're It! Ver. 1.9

    Select from one of 12 different unit sets and embark on a wild game of tag with friends, family and foe. This game comes packed with 3 different game modes, spirit items, transport units and now the all new reward points system.

  • DotA 1-Hope v5.1

    1-Hope Dota version game modes: ap,ar,sm,sc game commands: ms fix some bugs

  • XAOS 2.02

    preview of XAOS 2.02

    Version 2.02 This isn't you're average, everyday AOS. This is EXTREME AOS! Four teams, four races, and as much total awesomeness as can fit in a game.

  • Enfo's Re-Vamped v1.9

    preview of Enfo's Re-Vamped v1.9

    This is a modified version of Enfo's Team Survival, featuring bug fixes, graphical make-overs, and terrain beautifiction. Special Thanks to mydest

  • Alcohol Maul v 1.2

    preview of Alcohol Maul v 1.2

    Alcohol Maul ! You must be 21 to play this maul. Please have your ID's ready at the door for inspection by our bouncer. Thank you and please remember to play responsably.

  • Battle Ships Caribbean!

    First version: The Curse of the Black Pearl. / Final / This Version: The Dead Mens Chest. / Final / 20 times tested, no bugs found. if you find, Theodor@wormit.dk For contract sparrow here.

  • Final Fantasy Open RPG 4.2 Hack

    preview of Final Fantasy Open RPG 4.2 Hack

    Final Fantasy Open RPG 4.2 (Parcialmente en español) (No mas Anti-Cheat..) Original: UndeadBudgie, TheCorporal Modificado por: Zara

  • Vampirism v2008

    preview of Vampirism v2008

    Can the humans destroy the Ancient Vampire and his minions, or will they all be transformed into Vampires? Based on Vampire Effect.

  • Vampirism Revolution 9.3

    preview of Vampirism Revolution 9.3

    An ancient evil has been awakened. Are you strong enough to stop the awesome powers of the Vampires? if you have any suggestions go to www.vamprevo.com, e-mail me alex555-fake-name@hotmail.com

  • Paintballl Showdown v1

    preview of Paintballl Showdown v1

    This is paintball showdown... its name is the game. Here are some things u need 2 know: - Its a 1 hit kill - items are crucial - sides are good for getting snipe shots -sides are things out side of barreirs... Major credit goes to glontol

  • Sheep Tag VS Tree Tag v2.0

    preview of Sheep Tag VS Tree Tag v2.0

    Sheep Tag VS Tree Tag Tress and Sheep unite to escape the infernos and wolves. To download other maps go to www.hawkmaps.tk -Bluehawk

  • Battle Tanks 6.66c - MG

    preview of Battle Tanks 6.66c - MG

    The war between Light Forces and Dark Forces must end. Buy tanks, weapons and equipment and destroy your enemies base! |n|n Modded by -MacGyver- Please Visit www.bt-mg.com |nCredit to N-a-z-g-u-l

  • Footman NEWEST VERsion GODLY v1.6

    preview of Footman NEWEST VERsion GODLY v1.6

    I m so sry for the inconvinence i did not test this map so the hero which i m not telling u is not put in there go check it yrself now get ready for v2 tml XD

  • Preschool Showdown V4

    preview of Preschool Showdown V4

    Now you can get VandreadV4 and Hell and there is one secret unit that is even harder to get. See if you can find it. Have fun and enjoy!

  • Vampirism ROTV 1.07

    preview of Vampirism ROTV 1.07

    Tip: Don't Die!!!!! The Rigged Version 1.04 dont download it this is the better version a new heo and building for humans vampires pet is now meele

  • 7 Elite Jedi

    preview of 7 Elite Jedi

    ------------------------------------ dem0n_hunt3r92 development!

  • Spellcraft 0.50a Beta

    preview of Spellcraft 0.50a Beta

    Use Fire , Water , Earth , Storm , Energy , Light , Darkness , and Glyph Of Chaos to craft potent magics, and destroy your enemies!

  • Arduarch

    preview of Arduarch

    Stone bridges provide passage over this city's canals. Thanks to the local Goblin Laboratories, though, a quicker method of transport is available.

  • The gateway to hell

    preview of The gateway to hell

    It is belived that infinite power lieght within Hell. To gain hells power you must first destroy the compitition. Try to sneak into hell and you will be anialated by it gardians.

  • OrcsUnd vs HumNElves

    preview of OrcsUnd vs HumNElves

    Revive un viejo clasico en su nueva version con modificaciones balanciadas de la mano de EmiLiaN0-J