• Green TD Noob V[8.2]

    preview of Green TD Noob V[8.2]

    Version 7 Made By TD_PRO_2006 -1 Towerupgrades added to Poisson Tower -1 Towerupgrades added to Frost Tower -1 Towerupgrades added to Air Tower -6 Towerupgrades added to Fire Trap -Increase Some Tower's Damage -All Levels are now harder [For Pros]

  • Insane survival V1.8

    preview of Insane survival V1.8

    Survive in the wilderness against all odds! Watch out for the dangers of starvation, freezing, wild animals, and, most importantly, each other! The last survivor wins it all! type -suicide for fun

  • Battleship Islands v1.62

    preview of Battleship Islands v1.62

    Based on the work of Sked and incoorperating some of the ideas laid down by Quantum_theory and Suppressor. This is the latest installment of Battleship Islands 07/07/2006. Abilities reviewed and two new ships permanently added. Outrider&Pocket Battleshi

  • DotA Allstars v6.36b AI 1.03a

    Choose from 79 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients. Modes: -ap, -ar, -lm, -mm, -tr, -dm, -mr, -vr, -du, -sp, -sh, -aa, -ai, -as, -id, -em, -np, -sc

  • Dwarves Vs Goblins n Orcs

    preview of Dwarves Vs Goblins n Orcs

    Dwarves - Withstand the onslaught for 30 minutes! Goblins/Orcs - Slay the dwarves before your supplies run out!

  • Teds War chasers V1.5

    preview of Teds War chasers V1.5

    Four daring souls embody a hero and somewhat co-operatively fight their way through a strange sity against overwhelming masses of monsters! (Turn 'Subtitles' on)

  • Last Isle AoS v1.2

    preview of Last Isle AoS v1.2

    Join the war for control over the Last Isle. v1.2 - -6 new heroes -worked multiple bugs

  • 9 Heroes Battles v0.25

    Pick a Hero, level up & add stats with your lumber no auto stats, combine items, defend your base & try to destroy the armies base. Armies are controlled by Advanced AI.

  • Simple Living 2.0

    preview of Simple Living 2.0

    You are a common peasant. To pay for taxes, food and shelter you must work as a lumberjack, farmer, hunter, carpenter, fisher, miner, blacksmith or some other common shopkeep or worker. Your wealth and skills will increase over time, making you more.. 2.0

  • Maze of Doom

    preview of Maze of Doom

    Created by WyvernLeader: This is my first map and First Alot of thanks to Coovooc I had to look at some of his maps to see how the triggers worked.

  • Europe Risk v9.2

    preview of Europe Risk v9.2

    A Risk map based on the continent Europe by Ultix. Map protected.

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    preview of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    VICTORY: Gain 1500 points ! HOW TO GET MONEY: destroy houses, steal cars, rob the bank etc.... HOW TO USE MONEY: buy better weapons and items HOW TO GET A CAR: kill them to get in use detonate to get out

  • MafaTD: Z version 3.00a

    preview of MafaTD: Z version 3.00a

    Originally modified from Mafa TD: Z version 3.0Let's do this together...Team Work Essential.

  • Defense Of Krondor v1.1

    preview of Defense Of Krondor v1.1

    Krondor is under attack! its your job to defend it from the Emerald Queen. Added 3 heroes, Fixed Some Scripts, Fixed the hero Bug, prettied up the courtyard, creeps are harder and come every 30 seconds.


    preview of FOOTMEN FIGHT v2.6

    New version Footmen: ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. FOOTMEN FIGHT ,.,.,.,.,., It catch sword and it slash enemy!!!

  • Mafa TD: ANiMeX version 0.83b

    preview of Mafa TD: ANiMeX version 0.83b

    Originally modified from Mafarazzo TD 2.5c Now even harder runners!! And now builders can attack! New Sniper Tower and Hero added! New Boss Round! New Neutral Boss for extra money and lumber! V 0.83b -Fixed bug on Neutral boss

  • Loap Star Warz Naboo v 2.3

    preview of Loap Star Warz Naboo v 2.3

    La batalla de Naboo. Escenario hecho por Draf Productions y, mejora y traducido (en parte) por Surion Producctions

  • War of the Jewels UN 4b

    Battles of Beleriand:The Elves deem Melkor is no longer unassailable and set out to challenge his might and regain the Silmarils. Though others are driven after the silmarils through lust and jealousy. Join our Official Forum at: Http://ringwars.x187.co

  • Blademaster Wars v0.1

    Fight free for all! Computers play! Use (A) to attack! Use (D) to defense! Map by Z a h i

  • Clan Making

    preview of Clan Making

    Description: This is a clan making stick around in the game let red explain the CLAN NAME this (isn't) a game For the clan u might have noticed red is called Chief 5 of u are called shamen and 5 of u are called grunts. u will be in the clan wat team u ar

  • PWNT

    preview of PWNT

    A paladin and an archmage get into an argument and summon lightning (and plenty of footmen) to defeat each other. You choose who wins! (Interactive Cinematic)

  • Hatchling's Tag FINAL

    The new evolution of tree tag. Nine last dragon hatchlings escape from ferocious fel beasts. Are the hatchlings succed to survive, grow into powerful dragons, and kill their foes or will they get crushed by the fel beasts?


    preview of VAMPIRISM GET MAD

    Can the Vampiric Humans destroy the Human Vampires and their minions; or will they all be transformed into Human Vampires?

  • Vampire The World 1.6

    preview of Vampire The World 1.6

    Can the humans destroy the Ancient Vampire and his minions, or will they all be transformed into Vampires? Edited by: Wolftein

  • BattleArena Allstars0.94

    preview of BattleArena Allstars0.94

    Hero arena type map without items! All heroes are level 10. Very dynamic though. This version features 82 heroes. If some of the players leave the game they will be replaced by computer heroes under shared control of their allies.

  • AvP:The Lost Citadel

    preview of AvP:The Lost Citadel

    Version: Beta 0.03 AoS style map where you can play one of 3 races. Heroes now have up to 10 abilities but can learn only 4. Find The best combination!

  • Life of a peasant Arena v5.0c

    preview of Life of a peasant Arena v5.0c

    You now becoming the rigged characters in every LOAP version you have played ,choose your favourite rigged character and have the war now!

  • Julien's RPG 1.1

    preview of Julien's RPG 1.1

    RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: 1.5 Ghz processor. 512 MB of RAM. 64 MB Video Card. 2,7 MB Hard Disk space :P

  • Amulon Wars 1.24

    preview of Amulon Wars 1.24

    attack circlesofpower to get income income comes every minute

  • Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith v8.1

    preview of Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith v8.1

    Star wars: Jedi vs Sith es un juego en el que deberas elegir entre el bando del bien o el bando del mal.Dependiendo de lo que elijas deberas destruir a un equipo o al otro.Sith:Dark Maul/Dark Vader/General Grievus/Droiteka. Jedis:Mace/yoda/Corey/Jedigir

  • CustomHeroLineWars v1.22c

    preview of CustomHeroLineWars v1.22c

    Create your own custom hero and summon creep to attack the opposing heros while defending your own lane.

  • Eye TD v0.69 (25 waves)

    preview of Eye TD v0.69 (25 waves)

    Azeroth's most powerful sorcerer got poked in the eye, and it popped out, creating a bizarre little magical island! And now, for some reason, you have to use your conveniently placed builder to stop them from getting to the center. Real plot to follow.

  • EXGreen TD 4.2b

    preview of EXGreen TD 4.2b

    Version 4.0 Made By boBina Version 4.1 Made By w00t_n@p GL & HF Can Upgrade More Ver [4.2] Ex