• landcraft

    preview of landcraft

    build ur village in exotic places and wage war on others

  • BftS v2.6

    preview of BftS v2.6

    -ap -ar -sm -usm -dm -re -da -ms -ma

  • Bomberman v1.8

    In a town far far far (Etc, Etc)Away Comes ! Bomb Ville ! Each four years there is a tornoment hosted called the bombing tornoment!!! With 5 team mates, go around the map bombing the other players!!! -Farrownarr European Server

  • Kral svaalar? v5.00

    Kral ekonoiyi sagl?yarak komutanlar?na adil bisimde dag?t?r ve kars?k? krall?g? yok etmeye cal?s?l?r.

  • the fire arena v1.3

    preview of the fire arena v1.3

    ooo burn ow hot! this is the fire arena prepare to become crispy and not lightly toasted wheres a fire extinguisher when you need one? is it hot in here or what? clan heavenly (hvny) can enjoy

  • Ninja vs Samurai II

    preview of Ninja vs Samurai II

    Stealthy Ninja's must steal 5 Lost Talismans from a heavily guarded Samura´ village! Ninja VS Samurai II was Designed By: Nintendoman_766,

  • RotS 1.08

    Choose your team, fight your way to enemy's base and destroy their base

  • Worldcup of Warcraft 1.41

    preview of Worldcup of Warcraft 1.41

    The real and tactical soccer game for warcraft3 ! Get the ball and shoot it into enemy goal. Made by: PentaPOD Fixed by: tufflax Official Website http://pentapod.infoseek.ne.jp/

  • War of the Jewels

    preview of War of the Jewels

    Battles of Beleriand:The Elves deem Melkor is no longer unassailable and set out to challenge his might and regain the Silmarils. Though others are driven after the silmarils through lust and jealousy Website: www.ringwars.net

  • (12) Ghoul Wars 0.95a

    preview of (12) Ghoul Wars 0.95a

    Ghoul wars: A 12 way FFA.. Version: 0.95a Please email bugs / comments / suggestions to: Ghoulwars@hotmail.com

  • Naruto TD v2.6

    preview of Naruto TD v2.6

    The leaf is under siege by beasts under Orochimaru's command Work together and call out the shinobi, protect your home! We'll see your ninja way Like Naruto? Go to s15.invisionfree.com/Naruto_On_Warcraft/ for updates on the map Naruto Supreme RPG.

  • Battle for Conquest

    preview of Battle for Conquest

    Join the forces of Alliance or Hoard and choose one from 9 classes to enter a Bloody, Quick, Fast-Paced combat.

  • Life of a Peasant w/ Hitman

    preview of Life of a Peasant w/ Hitman

    Play as a cop or a normal peasant. Become drug dealer, Mail man, doctor And many more. By XxShoto_KanxX and I337_Skillz_Ave. Hitman added by Sephff9

  • Enfo team survival 4000

    I am geting boring on the old hero on enfo :( so i have added some new heros its not much but its somthing :D and have fun!! P.S i hate spells!! and vovsen is the creator! :D

  • Waugriffs COT RPG 3.1

    A RPG with a save and load option for players. If you have any questions e-mail me at InfinityTeller@curseoftime.com or simply go to the site www.curseoftime.com. I hope that you all enjoy this RPG and have many fun hours exploring this world. Good Luck!!

  • LEGENDS Open RPG Divinity

    OPEN RPG STYLEInitial Triggers & Hero Skills by Slivers.Additional Skills, Triggers, Units and environment by EvilPitlord (T.B.).Please rename the map if you edit it !!! This map has been redone so many times this time its by Ratmouth@lordaeron

  • Battle Tanks 6.2 - MG

    preview of Battle Tanks 6.2 - MG

    The war between Light Forces and Dard Forces must end. Buy tanks, weapons and equipment and destroy your enemies base! |n|n Modded by MacGyver |nCredit to N-a-z-g-u-l for the Original Battle Tanks

  • Battle Tanks 7.06 GER

    preview of Battle Tanks 7.06 GER

    Der lange Krieg zwischen der Dunklen Streitmacht und der Hellen Streitmacht steht kurz vor seinem Ende. Mit deinem Panzer hast du die M÷glichkeit, den Krieg zu entscheiden! www.btanks.de 24.8.2006

  • Final Fantasy VII World v1.00

    preview of Final Fantasy VII World v1.00

    Shinra grow power and start invading while AVALANCHE is formed after first Mako reactor was build but currently shinra is finished all Mako reactors and Sephiroth is burned Nibelheim down. Now AVALANCHE take more visible step to stop Shinra. Author: Clor

  • Farm Wars

    preview of Farm Wars

    In this map you have to play with four player not 3 not 2 but four got that? now this is beta number one final hase not came out yet (today is september 4 2006)

  • Enfo's TS: MT Edition 1.3

    preview of Enfo's TS: MT Edition 1.3

    No bugs, no extra-powerful heroes, no useless heroes. Don't worry about unbalancing or perma-stuns. Just pick the hero that suits your style and try to survive! Released on July 3, 2005

  • WoW Battlegrounds v.2

    preview of WoW Battlegrounds v.2

    Thanks for Blizzard for inspiring to make this map, (working on progress) the Battlegrounds for World of Warcraft was interresting, so I decided to make this. Good luck & have fun! =)

  • Defense Of Krondor v1.1

    preview of Defense Of Krondor v1.1

    Krondor is under attack! its your job to defend it from the Emerald Queen. Added 3 heroes, Fixed Some Scripts, Fixed the hero Bug, prettied up the courtyard, creeps are harder and come every 30 seconds.

  • SF-Dynasty Alliance v1.2x

    preview of SF-Dynasty Alliance v1.2x

    Fight with more army. This game allows you to create an army of epic proportions giving you the real meaning of War. September 16, 2006 is the date-of-editing

  • Vampirism - Get Stronger v9.51

    preview of Vampirism - Get Stronger v9.51

    Can the humans destroy the Ancient Vampire and his minions, or will they all be transformed into Vampires? Proudly presented by Vampirism 4 Ever Clan [v4ec].Northend Edited by: Lightning.net & I3loodDemon (http://vampirism.ch.vu)

  • Izzy101 TowerD!

    preview of Izzy101 TowerD!

    Protect the villagers from impending doom by building towers to stop the waves of creeps!

  • Warriors-of-Light

    preview of Warriors-of-Light

    Version 2.906 This game is a hero defense , you have to defend the Citadel from dark forces . There is 35 waves of monsters , boss every 5 rounds . You can combine stuff and choose among 4 level of difficulty .

  • WOTR-Shanty Town

    preview of WOTR-Shanty Town

    This once-beautiful nation is now overrun with creeps after the Scourge left its mark on the land. Visit the destroyed Capital to find all the help you need in conquering your enemies.

  • Sheep Tag - ROTS 1.17 Beta

    preview of Sheep Tag - ROTS 1.17 Beta

    Sheep Tag - Return of the Shepherds is a TFT game based on Sheep Tag 7.5 SE and Sheep Tag (Too) Tough Edition. Sheep Alliance - Survive for 20 minutes. Shepherds - Slaughter all Sheep Alliance. Read the notes. Now with boot sys for fags. Type -boot Player