• MINE RACE v1.7 (a.k.a The old mine)

    preview of MINE RACE v1.7 (a.k.a The old mine)

    Your and your friends have enterd this mine in surch of gold and glory. However the entrance has collapezed. You must quickly find a way out! The Dungeon Master will try to kill you at every step! ver: 1.7 1-6-2006

  • DBZ Tribute Ultra V8.1

    preview of DBZ Tribute Ultra V8.1

    An RPG that follows the DBZ/GT sagas and movies while working as a Hero Arena style map at the same time. Has a tournament, duel player fusions, 7 skins, 2 models, 62 icons and 14 extra sagas/movies.

  • Mars Showdown V1.1

    preview of Mars Showdown V1.1

    Mars was a quiet, hot planet until humans started colonizing bases on it. Now there is a war between the colonies which each seeks to expand their bases and destroy the others...

  • VDotAe v1.3b

    preview of VDotAe v1.3b

    Choose out of a selection of hero's, Push and destroy the enemies base and destroy there main building, Make items, custom abilities, and unique hero's, every hero in this map are unique in there own way.

  • ToK: Boreal Conflict v1.16

    A simple yet fun map, with a gameplay similar to Tech Wars. Your main objective is to eliminate the other team. To do so, you must build Barracks, Military Factories and Airbases to periodically send units to your enemy.

  • SoulkeeperTD Showdown1.1

    preview of SoulkeeperTD Showdown1.1

    Protect your Tree of Souls, otherwise the Creeps will destroy it to get the magical Souls which are inside it...by EnTrA1L

  • Counterstrike Tactics V.1.8

    preview of Counterstrike Tactics V.1.8

    The game is a 5 round game. Choose from 8 different guns and 5 secondary weapons. The optional modes are Short Mode. Over time, new weapons and game modes will be added. Look at Quests for more information.

  • Warhammer BattleCry v.1.6

    preview of Warhammer BattleCry v.1.6

    A map about the world of Warhammer. If the map lags it is suggested to play with 6-8 players instead of 12. This map was originally made by Rith with help from Unruly_Chaos, special thanks go to all our beta-testers. Be sure to pay a visit to clan DR.

  • Naruto(3C+PK+AI)1.8.2

    preview of Naruto(3C+PK+AI)1.8.2

    ????????????????????????????? (1.20??) ??????(3C+PK+AI)1.8.2??? ???????? QQ?224247878 Email?finalfanntasy@21cn.com

  • Aoya TD 1.0

    preview of Aoya TD 1.0

    Fight 30 levels agains invaders combination tower is much better. Thx to: My friends TD mania in Indogamers Server.

  • XTD the seventh path FINAL!

    preview of XTD the seventh path FINAL!

    Stop the creeps from getting to the middle of the map. If the creeps make it to the middle of the map, then your team will lose 1 life per creep. There are 30 levels of creeps total. FINAL

  • FoK v0.2

    preview of FoK v0.2

    ©2006.06.02. Created by Kowi<No.87>®

  • Vampirism Midnight v1.0

    preview of Vampirism Midnight v1.0

    Can the humans destroy the Ancient Vampire and his minions, or will they all be transformed into Vampires? Based on Vampire Effect. Vampirism Midnight v1.0 is a Revised Version of Vampirism 7.9

  • VideoGame RPG v7.0 edited

    preview of VideoGame RPG v7.0 edited

    Re-release of VideoGame RPG v7.0 with some changes. Tarterus isn't super easy anymore, OWA Seph is easier. Gold glitch still here but DK's give 4 each. Sephiroth is playable and can't TK, I made his skills myself. Edited by Jet_The_Bar

  • 3 war-way

    preview of 3 war-way

    Destroy your enemies before he does that with you.

  • Screwed Arena V1.01

    preview of Screwed Arena V1.01

    Battle in a Screwed up arena type game. 4 regions Ice, Fire, Forest and Death Ice: has Blizzards. Fire: has Volcanoes. Forest has Vines. Death has Death

  • Attack!

    preview of Attack!

    Make your way to your base to destroy the undead base

  • Short RPG

    preview of Short RPG

    This map is still under construction, i am making another RPG now and this is just to stall. Each color has a different unit(s).

  • City Defence Template

    preview of City Defence Template

    A free template for any defence style map. Just add item, heros, and enemies! If you use this, please give me credit.

  • Eternity Calls II v1.2a

    preview of Eternity Calls II v1.2a

    Eternity Calls Trillogy brings another version of the Castle Defence-Role Playing. The new features of this Reborn version will bring you to the next level of Warcraft Custom Map!

  • World of War in Warcraft 2.03b

    preview of World of War in Warcraft 2.03b

    Read the Quest log for gameplay info ! Tell other players to do it, especially newbies ! =) Special thanks to evil pitlord

  • Diablo II Extreme

    preview of Diablo II Extreme

    ++Total 6 quests and takes a long time to finish ! ++Fixed all bugs, Added some funny effect sound! ++Default difficulty is HARD, so please act as a team !

  • DEMONIZER V. 1.7 Modifed

    preview of DEMONIZER V. 1.7 Modifed

    If you are Human you do runned and make your base,you can make a Slayer, you target is : kill the Demons. If you are the Demons you do kill all Humans for win. Command: -base for sign and look where you can do make your base!!!!!Players request: 2 Demons.

  • Cordillera de bandidos

    preview of Cordillera de bandidos

    Viajar por el camino empedrado que atraviesa esta cordillera plagada de bandidos es peligroso e inseguro. De noche merodean ladrones sin descanso, pagando a sus aliados ogros y trolls con las cabezas de los insensatos aventureros.

  • ??????? ????

    preview of ??????? ????

    ??????? ??????? ??????? ?????????? ????????? ????????? ??????. ????????? ????????? ????????, ???? ????? ?? ??????? ???? ??????????!

  • Frozen Lands

    preview of Frozen Lands

    Play in this frozen lands with your fryends or the computer!!!

  • Death Destiny v1.25 BETA

    Join in the battle against good and evil ! This is an AOS type of map where you must destroy your opposing team's Black Citadel or Castle in order to achieve victory. Fight to the Death; Fufill your Destiny !

  • Minas Tirith Final 6.0

    preview of Minas Tirith Final 6.0

    New Version.Mordor AtackMinas Tirith! Orc-Burn White Tree Human-Defend White Tree Autor-Archimod

  • NOTD Aftermath 1.4

    preview of NOTD Aftermath 1.4

    Four days after the outbreak, military efforts to contain contamination are proceeding in full swing. Echo Company has been deployed to a nearby town on a patrol mission.

  • PotA[php.11]

    preview of PotA[php.11]

    The maps Heroes are characters that have an impact on the Philippine Society. They are just in-game characters copyrights are of the Third Party. *Added Mini Healer *Added 2 Heroes Darna, Mulawin and all other related trademarks are owned by GMA7

  • The Alliance v1

    preview of The Alliance v1

    Lordaeron's land has been peaceful, until the notorius Scourge came and inflicted the minds of the wild to destroy human race. Now, the humans seek help to the Orcs and the Night Elves to defend their land.