• PvPhilippines[test]

    preview of PvPhilippines[test]

    The maps Heroes are characters that have an impact on the Philippine Society. They are just in-game characters copyrights are of the Third Party. Darna, Mulawin and all other related trademarks are owned by GMA7

  • DotA Allstars v6.33b

    Choose from 77 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients. Modes: -ap, -ar, -lm, -mm, -tr, -dm, -mr, -du, -sp, -sh, -aa, -ai, -as, -id, -em, -np, -sc

  • Majestico 2 FrOZeN v3.22

    preview of Majestico 2 FrOZeN v3.22

    Max hero level is 10,000. =P Sorry but you must buy level tomes to get level 6 and above. =/ Please rate this map.

  • SWAT: Aftermath 0521

    preview of SWAT: Aftermath 0521

    Coop map against waves of undead. Teamwork is essential as is using each class's strengths to their fullest. Enemies are numerous and extremely dangerous, providing non-stop & intense action. vB0521

  • Greed Island 1.01

    preview of Greed Island 1.01

    Based from the anime' series Hunter X Hunter. Each Hunter relies in the cards acquired.

  • Anime Wars v3a

    preview of Anime Wars v3a

    Enter the war with your favorite anime character V3!!!!!

  • Defend! v.1.4

    preview of Defend! v.1.4

    Attackers-destroy trees to attack Defender-build towers and train unit quickly Fixed bugs By:DBANO

  • Vampirism Midnight v3.6c

    preview of Vampirism Midnight v3.6c

    Can the humans destroy the Ancient Vampire and his minions, or will they all be transformed into Vampires? Based on Vampire Effect. Vampirism Midnight v3.6c

  • Weird Tower Defense v.1.3.9

    preview of Weird Tower Defense v.1.3.9

    Other Team Tower Defense maps don't have the attention to detail or the robust environment - not to mention their severe lack of weirdness. 11 Tower Types across over 30 unique Towers, 3 Unique Mobile Forces (Heros), & 3 Levels of Tech.

  • DEMONIZER V. 1.5

    preview of DEMONIZER V. 1.5

    If you are Human you do runned and make your base,you can make a Slayer, you target is : kill the Demons. If you are the Demons you do kill all Humans for win. Command: -base for sign and look where you can do make your base!!!!!Players request: 2 Demons.

  • Diablo II Maximum Impact

    preview of Diablo II Maximum Impact

    ++Total 6 quests and takes a long time to finish ! ++Fixed all bugs, Added some funny effect sound! ++Default difficulty is HARD, so please act as a team !


    preview of STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE

    Capture the Flag and AOS type game that takes place on planet Tatooine around the time period of Starwars Episode 4 titled : A NEW HOPE.

  • Survival RPG Beta .40

    preview of Survival RPG Beta .40

    This is the [Beta .40] version. Made by Shadow_BH. This version is protected. This is a clan ORPG production.

  • StarCraft ZoneControl 4.2f

    preview of StarCraft ZoneControl 4.2f

    Release date: 25-11-'04 Since many people liked my map, i decided to go on, and take the final version to the next step, new features are added. Balance - Update 5 Made by - Angelusz

  • Blood by Blood

    preview of Blood by Blood

    Thrall and the horde aims to stop the chaos to the orcs they set out and camp in Ashenvale where Chaos Orcs are around.....

  • Gladiator RPG v3.21

    preview of Gladiator RPG v3.21

    Edited and updated by Newbie-w3 Fight for survival and revenge as a gladiator, or ruthlessly control your arena as the Imperial Director.

  • 3 Corrs - Feel the Hero 1.7.7

    preview of 3 Corrs - Feel the Hero 1.7.7

    ver. 1.7.7 with comp AI Choose a hero with your favourite primary attribute. Add comps if U want. 10 types of heroes: normal, strength, agility and intelligence - melee or shooter each.

  • AOS TRI WAR 15.0

    preview of AOS TRI WAR 15.0

    This is a game like AoS, but with 3 teams fighting each other. Infernos are now not as strong. More Heros too.

  • ~Defence of Defence of the Ancients~

    preview of ~Defence of Defence of the Ancients~

    Guin'Zhul and Frogthas approach the final stronghold of Warcentria, home of the great hero, Eullidan. Having corrupted the World Tree, they now march upon the Palace of Dreams...

  • Counterstrike Tactics V.1.7

    preview of Counterstrike Tactics V.1.7

    The game is a 5 round game, each giving all players 3 lives. Choose from 11 different guns and 5 secondary weapons. The optional modes are Item Drop and Item Spawn. Over time, new weapons and game modes will be added. Look at quests for more information.

  • Commando Wars 2006 v.53

    preview of Commando Wars 2006 v.53

    Remake of the classic RoC and Starcraft game, Commando Wars.Totally rewritten, revamped, and reloaded. 100% from scratch. NOT AN EDIT/MOD/RIP. I do not want my honest and hard work discredited.

  • Battle of Humans Undead and Orcs

    preview of Battle of Humans Undead and Orcs

    Arthas got isolated and you must get back to your camp but,the undead and the orcs have already buit a large camp,you need reinforcments!!!

  • Diablo II

    preview of Diablo II

    ++Waypoints are at the Western of the Camp ++Always check Quest for guide and detail ! ++Default difficulty is HARD, so please act as a team ! ++Diablo is great, have fun !++

  • MinasTirithFinal 5.0

    preview of MinasTirithFinal 5.0

    Mordor AtackMinas Tirith! Orc-Burn White Tree Human-Defend White Tree Autor-Archimod

  • Cveletova Mapa

    preview of Cveletova Mapa

    Koji sam car. Ovo je moja prva mapa. Jos nisam naucio kako da pravim mapu za vise igraca,(ili mozda jesam???), al se nadam da cu uskoro nauciti. Takodje nisam nasao sve stvari. NADAM se da ce biti bolje...

  • Dan's Mixed Maps

    preview of Dan's Mixed Maps

    This map is made by Daniell_ and it contains a Normal TW and HLW

  • Ryoko TD v2.5 Full

    preview of Ryoko TD v2.5 Full

    Five races, 87 Towers. Players survive in teams of two. Bonus rounds, Mini games, and a lot of fun. Please play the updated versions.

  • Bloodland

    preview of Bloodland

    This land was once part of a legendary people. Now they've scattered. They call it Bloodland for all the blood that has been spilled to take it as there own...It's your move to claim it.

  • Paintballl Showdown v3

    preview of Paintballl Showdown v3

    This is paintball showdown... its name is the game. Here are some things u need 2 know: - Its a 1 hit kill - items are crucial - sides are good for getting snipe shots Testers: UnHolyWarrior_3... and other people

  • Mars Showdown V1.2

    preview of Mars Showdown V1.2

    Mars was a quiet, hot planet until humans started colonizing bases on it. Now there is a war between the colonies which each seeks to expand their bases and destroy the others...

  • Forthold-Search for the King

    preview of Forthold-Search for the King

    The king has awakened from his tomb and you are to find his soul for it to rest. Beware of inevitable enemies that lies everywhere. Make your way through the king using items which can be found inside magic vaults by destroying it.

  • Clash of the Ancients v2.2

    preview of Clash of the Ancients v2.2

    Game modes: allpick(-ap), allrandom(-ar), reverse(-re), shortmode(-sm), supercreeps(-sc), itemdrop(-id)

  • Boulder Smash 1.7

    preview of Boulder Smash 1.7

    Kill 5 armored boulders faster than ur enemies to win the game. In this version i added mana to the boulders and T3 units' cost and build time are decreased to the half. by Wir_tun_so_GEIL e-mail: 1337rainer@web.de