• Warcraft Extreme v1.10

    preview of Warcraft Extreme v1.10

    Original from melee map "Emerald Gardens" Improved new units, fixed some basic bugs and change text email: zenaku_2528@msn.com

  • Manoroth's madness

    preview of Manoroth's madness

    Manoroth has been given a mission,to infiltrate the human territory you must destroy the human territory using only Manoroth.

  • Flag Tag 1.31

    preview of Flag Tag 1.31

    Capture and bring back your opponents flag to win! Flag tag Created by Meorn 1.2 >>> By: Jpls Version 1.31 Enjoy!

  • Vampirism Midnight v1.7

    preview of Vampirism Midnight v1.7

    Can the humans destroy the Ancient Vampire and his minions, or will they all be transformed into Vampires? Based on Vampire Effect. Vampirism Midnight v1.7 is a Revised Version of Vampirism 7.9

  • War of the 10 Kingdoms Official 2.1

    preview of War of the 10 Kingdoms Official 2.1

    War of the 10 Kingdoms Official 2.1 10 Ancient Kingdoms Fight For Control Of The Land. Ally Or War Against The Others - But Beware Betrayal!! For There Can Be Only One.

  • Orc Gladiators Modified 1.26

    preview of Orc Gladiators Modified 1.26

    Date: a few years before wc3 In hopes of making the orc interment camps self supportive, the human leaders, have sanctioned public gladiator matches, in which orc slaves fight for their lives, to provide entertainment to mere peasants.

  • 3 war-way

    preview of 3 war-way

    Destroy your enemies before he does that with you.

  • Vampirism Midnight v2.2

    preview of Vampirism Midnight v2.2

    Can the humans destroy the Ancient Vampire and his minions, or will they all be transformed into Vampires? Based on Vampire Effect. Vampirism Midnight v2.2 is a Revised Version of Vampirism 7.9

  • Hero Siege Deluxe

    preview of Hero Siege Deluxe

    High CPU recomment. This siege map is a bit like the glory 10 HERO SIEGE!

  • Jawzabylt[anž.11]

    preview of Jawzabylt[anž.11]

    Prevent at least 100 the cute creatures from escaping the Forest Sanctuary. You must kill them if necessary as long as they dont escape. If you fail the Government will put you out of commission.

  • NeverEnding Maze

    preview of NeverEnding Maze

    Longest maze I've ever seen and made. (NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING DONE WITH THIS MAZE) =P

  • Murder at the Orcish Mansion

    preview of Murder at the Orcish Mansion

    You and the members of your orc clan travel through a harsh volcanic waste land. Clearing the wasteland you are restless and are invited to stay at a mansion for the night. A swift darkness and wrath approaches you as the night falls...

  • Harvest Moon Battle !! v 1.4

    preview of Harvest Moon Battle !! v_1.4

    Click Download to download this map, and press Start Game to play Harvest Moon Battle !! v_1.3. The expanded version of harvest moon battle that you can help the village that being attacked by the Horde. Select your farmer and give your best shot!!

  • Blade Artist

    preview of Blade Artist

    The Six best Swordmen from ancient China were sent to the old temple. They must fight against each other in bloody clash to prove who is best. Only one can survive and win !

  • Anime Wars v3.4

    preview of Anime Wars v3.4

    Enter the war with your favorite anime character V3.2!!!!!

  • Trident Hero Defense PLATNIUM

    preview of Trident Hero Defense PLATNIUM

    Battle oncoming waves of creeps in hopes of protecting your Soul Gem which houses all your life essences. Every ten levels comes a wave boss. PLATNIUM- 4 new heros! More creeps! New spells! More experiance! Cheers ~ RedemptionsScar

  • Civil War of Warcraft

    preview of Civil War of Warcraft

    The This is a war that have the setting in Warcraft's world. The war between the West and the East. You're act as the general that control and help your allies. Be ready.....the war has begun.....

  • Counterstrike Tactics V.1.5

    preview of Counterstrike Tactics V.1.5

    Choose from 11 different guns and 5 secondary weapons. The optional modes are Action Camera, Item Drop, Item Spawn, and 3 different Game End Modes. Over time, new weapons and game modes will be added.

  • Vampirism Midnight v3.5d

    preview of Vampirism Midnight v3.5d

    Can the humans destroy the Ancient Vampire and his minions, or will they all be transformed into Vampires? Based on Vampire Effect. Vampirism Midnight v3.5d

  • The Battle of Troy v 5.0

    preview of The Battle of Troy v 5.0

    The Trojan Wall was probably the greatest defensive strategy in the world since Troy had the best archers in the world and none had ever dared an attempt on her walls.

  • Murder at the Naga Temple

    preview of Murder at the Naga Temple

    A pack of murlocs and murguls swim to a remote island with the ruins of an ancient Naga temple. They explore it and come back to the temple at night-time to sleep. But a ancient Naga Soul Ghost will possess one of them!

  • Bishop Conquest v .68 BetA

    preview of Bishop Conquest v .68 BetA

    Overpower territories to get power and income. The quicker and stronger your army the better. This is a BetA verasion, still many glitches and many things to come! Whisper Fishy101 (Lordearon West) for info. 5-11-0

  • Arduarch

    preview of Arduarch

    Stone bridges provide passage over this city's canals. Thanks to the local Goblin Laboratories, though, a quicker method of transport is available.

  • Warcraft in The Pacific Theater V1.0

    preview of Warcraft in The Pacific Theater V1.0

    Battle through the Australian Outback, the Indonesian tropical rain forests, the New Zealand Mountains, or through the Pacific Ocean. It's your choice...

  • Uther's Revenge Renew v.2

    preview of Uther's Revenge Renew v.2

    Sori for the mistake in the last version cause i only spend 1 day making those versions i hope it is okay now...Tnx for Playing and downloading my map....

  • Twisted Fate Maul Final

    preview of Twisted Fate Maul Final

    Come one, Come all and play the BEST maul in the world. Tell your friends family and them people you dont know about. It rules!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Art of Defense 1.17

    preview of Art of Defense 1.17

    =- 6 Different Difficulties =- One of the Hardest Defense Map =- Test your own and team skills =-www.geocities.com/ubivin =- Created By: Ubivin V. 1.17

  • Verteidigung v0.8

    preview of Verteidigung v0.8

    Verteidigt das Dorf Goldshire -veršnderte Einheiten -kleines Video -Alles selber gemacht

  • DtF v2.14alpha - Forest Force

    preview of DtF v2.14alpha - Forest Force

    This is the begining and the last Rotation of Life. You are the last protector for the frostmourne... Defend the Frostmourne with you soul and all cost...

  • Naruto TD v2.9

    preview of Naruto TD v2.9

    The leaf is under siege by beasts under Orochimaru's command Work together and call out the shinobi, protect your home! We'll see your ninja way Like Naruto? Go to s15.invisionfree.com/Naruto_On_Warcraft/ for updates on the map Naruto Supreme RPG.

  • Battle Tanks 5.61 ENG

    preview of Battle Tanks 5.61 ENG

    The war between Light and Dark Forces continues! Buy weapons, tanks, and armor!|n|nwww.btanks.de.ms 21.4.2006