• Age of Technologies 2.1

    preview of Age of Technologies 2.1

    Loading will be slower for some more so than others. Please be patient. Original idea by Devious_Sucks

  • Asia VS America v0.1

    preview of Asia VS America v0.1

    -----Objectives----- - Every 3 Minutes, a Light and Dark Player Will Duel - Destroy enemy enemy main base - Leave the raceism in the battle Once again...war has broke out...Asia wishs to stay Isolated from America....but America.

  • War In Tumauini Park

    preview of War In Tumauini Park

    It is not an exact replica of Tumauini Park.....Fraternity group together ready to strike down tumauini...But the police is in their way!!Join the Police or fight with the Fraternity...

  • Battleships X v1.5

    preview of Battleships X v1.5

    There were two Alliances fighting for control of the Caribbean: The South Alliance and the North Alliance . Each Alliance fought bravely against each other until only one Empire was left. This is how it ended...

  • Huge War v1.10(Added Heroes)

    preview of Huge War v1.10(Added Heroes)

    Added: -8 Heroes Fixed: -Mucher XP needed to increase Level Will come: -New Ground Armies (MELEE) -New Ground Armies (RANGE) -New HEROES!

  • Angel Arena -X-

    preview of Angel Arena -X-

    Version without stupid cheats and new desing New: 9 levels for standars skills, 3 for ultimates!!! Much more varied and useful items!! Lots of balance issues fixed, Improved AI.

  • Tree Tag, invasion 3 yeah

    preview of Tree Tag, invasion 3 yeah

    You are an ent or an infernal. if you are an ent you have to run away from the different infernals. But if you are an infernal you have to burn all the ents.

  • The Battle Of The Bulgre

    preview of The Battle Of The Bulgre

    The battle of the bulges, prepare for the greatest battle eve !!!. Play it and discover, Honor, Brave, Leadership.

  • Dota Legend v1.5

    preview of Dota Legend v1.5

    - 40 new ability hero!! - funny ultimate voice -- full your volume when using ultimate!! - many items!! - funny movie before start!! - playing in a jungle maze!! Type -rpgon to start rpg mode or -rpgoff to close it. Let's start the game!!

  • Hero Line War 1337 1.6c

    preview of Hero Line War 1337 1.6c

    Officially 1337, Glacier Tileset Same as any other hero line war only 1337. Spoofing your name makes you homosexual. Credits: Doom, RubberNeck http://station55.cjb.net

  • Counterstrike Tactics V.1.8b

    preview of Counterstrike Tactics V.1.8b

    The game is a 5 round game. Choose from 11 different guns and 5 secondary weapons. The optional modes are Item Drop, Item Spawn, and Short Mode. Over time, new weapons and game modes will be added. Look at Quests for more information.

  • BattleShips2 1.34B

    preview of BattleShips2 1.34B

    ? ??? : Asia(Kalimdor) - Pirate_Haken ? ?? ?? : (sked) - BattleShips 2.12

  • Cotm Azeroth

    preview of Cotm Azeroth

    The hole world of Azeroth! Terrain made by Rui! Have fun ; )

  • X Hero Siege 2.32 ???

    preview of X Hero Siege 2.32 ???

    ???Sogat ???[GA]???? ??? 2.32 ??: 2004/09/21 ???? 10 ? ?????????-+ ??????cbps?????

  • Naruto Rpg

    preview of Naruto Rpg

    jackblackwells good naruto map and this v is a test let me know if u have naruto stuff for this map

  • Vampirism Midnight v2.5

    preview of Vampirism Midnight v2.5

    Can the humans destroy the Ancient Vampire and his minions, or will they all be transformed into Vampires? Based on Vampire Effect. Vampirism Midnight v2.5

  • Harvest Moon Battle !! v 1.5b

    preview of Harvest Moon Battle !! v_1.5b

    Click Download to download this map, and press Start Game to play Harvest Moon Battle !! v_1.5b The expanded version of harvest moon battle that your hero can give soul after your hero die. A new farmer. And repaired bug of the Scroll of town portal.

  • 9 Narutos

    preview of 9 Narutos

    Made by Bankai19 Great idea from Uchiha_Itachi24 By. Clan Akki. & Akas

  • Doodad Defence v1.1

    preview of Doodad Defence v1.1

    Oh Noez! The Very Bad Things want to take over the World Editor, and the only things that can stop them are the mighty Doodads! /Lame attempt at TD story line. Basically.. its a 40 wave mazing Tower Defence!

  • Jawzabylt[anì.44]

    preview of Jawzabylt[anì.44]

    Prevent at least 100 the animals from escaping the Forest Sanctuary. You must kill them if necessary as long as they dont escape. If you fail the Government will put you out of commission.

  • 10 Hero Siege Southlands v00-46

    preview of 10 Hero Siege Southlands v00-46

    Hero Siege in Hell This Map is alot more harder than before. Original made JouNin, Modified by BritishMafia, and now futher modified by SpadeZ.

  • 3 chien tuyen

    preview of 3 chien tuyen

    Tim duong tieu diet doi thu truoc khi han tieu diet ban.

  • Battle Tanks 5.4c GER

    preview of Battle Tanks 5.4c GER

    Der Krieg zwischen der Hellen Streitmacht und der Dunklen Streitmacht hält nun schon einige Zeit an. Kaufe Panzer, Waffen und Ausrüstungen um den Feind zu besiegen!|n|nwww.btanks.de.ms 1.4.2006

  • Vampirism Revolution v11.0c

    preview of Vampirism Revolution v11.0c

    Can the humans destroy the Ancient Vampire and his minions, or will they all be transformed into Vampires? Based on Vampire Effect.

  • Conquest

    preview of Conquest


  • The War of Death v2.0b

    preview of The War of Death v2.0b

    Kael has traitored the Naga and started to join with Lord Garithos. So he can attack the Naga.

  • Manoroth's madness

    preview of Manoroth's madness

    Manoroth has been given a mission,to infiltrate the human territory you must destroy the human territory using only Manoroth.

  • Vampirism Midnight v1.7

    preview of Vampirism Midnight v1.7

    Can the humans destroy the Ancient Vampire and his minions, or will they all be transformed into Vampires? Based on Vampire Effect. Vampirism Midnight v1.7 is a Revised Version of Vampirism 7.9

  • Flag Tag 1.31

    preview of Flag Tag 1.31

    Capture and bring back your opponents flag to win! Flag tag Created by Meorn 1.2 >>> By: Jpls Version 1.31 Enjoy!

  • Warcraft Extreme v1.10

    preview of Warcraft Extreme v1.10

    Original from melee map "Emerald Gardens" Improved new units, fixed some basic bugs and change text email: zenaku_2528@msn.com