• Sieunhanvn lvl 100 V3.52

    Chao mung cac ban den voi the gioi giai tri cua SieunhanVN , Moi thong tin thac mac ve game xin lien he tai :http://www.guildcongaihanoi.somee.com Hay Luu Y Den Goc 6 va 12h & 9H

  • L'autre monde v1.0 RPG

    Participer au meilleur rpg francais jamais fait ! Augmenter votre hero ! tuer plusieur boss ! faite des combats de mers ! rencontrer les chef des villages ! devener des heros ! Arreter le roi qui abitre le chemin vers l'autre monde ! devener la legende.

  • Camp wars (demo V2)

    demo version please leave a command at Judofabian@hotmail.com help me make this map getting better! Update: -2 hero's added -battlearea fixes -hero revive bug fixed -battlebegin command added -towers shorter range -more shops

  • Desert Colonies V.01

    Take over colonies and fight each other for ultimate control of the desert planet. Chat Commands: -ally (color) -name (your name) -zoomout V.01 --Fixed APC bug, added HQ, Added cannon tower

  • HLWS RH V4.5 09/13/07 Protected

    preview of HLWS RH V4.5 09/13/07 Protected

    Runhide Hero line Wars Solo . Has Hero repick, Max stat commands, Random Hero picker, Custom Hero's, Difficulty levels and 27 different hero's.

  • Prehistoric Jungle Tribes 1.05

    You are a Tribal Warrior in the Mesezoic Era... Fight for your life against dinosaurs and other tribes. Only one tribe shall emerge victorious against all odds. Credits: Olofmoleman for his models

  • Ragos ORPG (7.50)

    An ORPG with save/load function. You can get good items from cool dungeons to get stronger! This game is based on teamplay. You can only beat bosses in a team. You can also load your heroes in the 9 other maps. Website: www.freewebs.com/rrpg

  • von Hoch oben

    Der Regen trieb euch auf die Berge, doch die Flut ist jetzt vorbei und die Schlacht kann weiter gehen, nur hier oben gibt es kaum Wald, aber um so mehr Monster und Feinde...

  • Naruto Wars 9.0b

    The one and only ORIGINAL Naruto Wars, which unlike other rip-offs and naruto map clones, does not hack models without permission nor does it steal other maps' icons and game ideas. Still the best Naruto AoS ever!

  • Angel Arena FA Final

    angel arena fa Made by: omnibolt sudgestions and ideas email me at omnibolt@hotmail.com or wisp omnibolt on u,s East

  • War of Guardian Hero Beta v1.8

    Prove your ability, strength, pride, honour, and glory to become the number one among the other. Mode : -sc -pm -tm -3d

  • Escape Maker v.4

    Thanks to ShadowTek , original by RaVeN.34 Escapers go to the Circle of Power at the Bottom to win. Makers make the Escapers an Escape to win. Notes: Escapers and Makers are allies.

  • King of the Hill vB.1.34 KotH

    Battle to get the Gold on top of the hill in the middle. then buy the Sword of a 1000 Truths.... ..before anyone else does.. Get as powerful as you can to defeat your foe's Items and Castle Rocket can save you if your screwed, so remember that!

  • WW2 v.0.8 [ AlphA ]

    The year is 1938 and war is on the horizon! Prepare your country for battle by taking as many resources as you can! At the beginning everyone is truced until war is declared so watch your neighbors! Teams are not locked so its up to you to write history.

  • Mafa TD Crazy v4.0

    Mafa TD Crazy v4.0 Summer Edition! Now with Hero Summer Phoenix! Original by: Crazyman and Edited by: greedytoh Races Only affect Background Music.

  • Azure Tower Defense V 2.4

    Cruel magic has demented this forest's denizens beyond any hope of healing. Now they attack the World Tree, hoping to corrupt it in the misguided belief that it will end their agony. Protect the Tree.

  • La Salvacion De Dalaran

    Dalaran cayo ante el Azote.Ahora los humanos y elfos trataran de librarla de las manos del Rey Arthas lo lograran? .Solo tu puedes averiguarlo...!

  • Vampirism `,...,´ 25.34

    Vampirism Get Stronger 25.34 Classic, upgradeado del 10.83 de Graph. Balanceado VAMPIRES VS HUMAN Edited by La[k]i

  • Inuyasha-Final FinshV2.4

    preview of Inuyasha-Final FinshV2.4

    Red-Inu Gray-Kanna Blue-Kag/Shippo Lb-Kagura teal-mir Green-Sesshomaru purple-naraku Pink-Kikyo yellow-sango orange-Kohak

  • Race Wars 1.2

    preview of Race Wars 1.2

    The Races has started to fight with eachother pick a race and try to kill the others

  • Footmen Frenzy The Last Stand

    For Kills, you can buy special made items. For Wins, you can be proud Play and Enjoy a footmen version by NeverHunt

  • LoST ver. .1b

    Leaves of Sorrow Tree ver 0.1b For ages has the world been ravaged by the war between Human and Orc. But times have become dangerous and they have become deperate. The sought the help of old and new allies. They fight for one purpose: Peace.

  • Jurassic Park Survival AI

    preview of Jurassic Park Survival AI

    You are flying with a plane from London to New York. Outside is warm and nice weather, but in the far it's dark. You think: Heh, only some clouds ... Flying is the safest way of traveling; so nothing can happen... Are you really sure ?

  • Even|Rdred|R

    Even|Rdred|R 3-BETAV0.02 By: Addicus|R *Note use the arrow keys to move your crosshair while sniping!

  • Death Arena : Beta v1.1

    Maker : Thanh Tran My yahoo : tran_tran_1204@yahoo.com Send any bugs & questions to me Thks 4 playing my map

  • History of DotA v0.3b BETA !

    This only supports ONE player and should be played in single player without any cheats This map is mostly cinematics and story based on the AoS map DotA

  • HLWTT RH V1.0 10/09/07 Protected

    Hero line War Tri-Team by RunHide. Has Hero repick, Max stat commands, Random Hero picker, Different difficulty levels, 29 different hero's plus you can make Custom Hero's.

  • Carnac's Maul v1.02

    Just kick sum ass and stop crying becuz sumone gets more frags than u fuckin noob

  • SFW v7.0 Public Beta 9

    For more info on SFW and links to the latest offical version, visit my clan's site at Freewebs.com/s0ulclan No one is given permission to deprotect, hack or alter this map in anyway.

  • Resident Evil Arcade V1.6

    This game is an arcade style survival game. Game has not been completed yet. Still needs levels, characters, items, and a gameover function. *E-Mail me for suggestions or discussions: gamewiz1992@hotmail.com*

  • Final Fantasy Arena v.1.4

    A Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts Arena. Made By DJSeph put in god dosent exist to piss off god and to fight him

  • ICoN v1.13

    Choose from 45 heroes, each with his/her own unique abilities, and fight in the epic battle between Yin and Yang , duel your opponents and in the end only the most noetic players will triumph over the weak.