• OrcsUnd vs HumNElves new version

    Its the classic all out battle between orcs and humans. Nobody can stop them so you might as well sit back and watch the fight. created by Spawn_SK and BLADE81403

  • PigRun

    Go quickly up and select one orb, then start the onslaught of the pigs.

  • Loap Make Your own Gang V0.07

    preview of Loap Make Your own Gang V0.07

    The City is in utter choas. The Mafia has been torn down and overrun by rival gangs. Only the police and Druglord remain in power. But that may soon change as new gangs Rise to power...

  • Humans vs Orcs v4.02a

    The Battle between Humans and Orcs has yet again continued. www.hvo.forumsplace.com Clan TFEH(East)

  • Journey of Heros

    Battle through a vast number of fights to test your strengh till you reach your final battle... This is the Journey Of Heros *CHEESE*

  • Fusion TD D 0.39

    preview of Fusion TD D 0.39

    Fuse towers and position them perfectly to be the greatest TD master ever! D version - tower building style changed. Contact: rulerofiron@hotmail.com

  • Helms Deep Advanced 3.9

    preview of Helms Deep Advanced 3.9

    This Helms Deep has been edited by Duckdragon. AI Enhancements, new impossibility mode, and several upgrades to the game.

  • Hungry Hung. Felhounds [2]

    preview of Hungry Hung. Felhounds [2]

    Keep passing the felstone, for the ravenous felhounds of the Burning Legion are drawn to its dark energy! Clan KE6. RaVeN.34

  • Battle for Helm Deep

    preview of Battle for Helm Deep

    +Defense Helm Deep from the Uruk-Hai assault. +Created by vnakira. +Open 1/9/2007.

  • Hero Dynamics v1.02

    Read the game info and ask for a game in the forums: http://hero-dynamics.com (open with firefox) "Very impressive. I could see this game becoming a fast favorite of mine." "The only game I have seen with the potential to rival DOTA competitively."

  • Nightwind ORPG v0.1

    preview of Nightwind ORPG v0.1

    Yet another wacraft 3 custom map that I say is more unique than random maps. ^^

  • SWA-Team EPI V1.2

    preview of SWA-Team EPI V1.2

    Protect the SWA-Team Fortress "Gymnetsu" from all enemies by using their Heroes and skill.

  • Halo3 RpG

    preview of Halo3 RpG

    This time, surviving isn't enough.

  • Legend Arena 33.0 Pro

    Based on the X version of Angel Arena series, it has New Custom Items, Cheaper Tomes, Upto Level 1000 Max. Heros, Balanced Heros and more.|nEdited by Laky

  • MEHMETCIK (1.6)

    21 Ekim 2007 Pazar. Ulkemizin kiritk olan su doneminde kendinizi desarj etmeniz ve Warcraft oynarken dahi vatan sevginizi bir nebze olsun hatirlatmak amaciyla yapilmis bir modifikasyondur.

  • Battle Mages -1.03-

    Using a great selection of destructive spells, up to twelve players can fight and compete with eachother to find out who is the best tactician and spellcaster.

  • Defence of the World Tree

    The Burning Liegion and the Undead army are advancing! Defend the world tree at all costs! Choose from 12 heroes from the humans, elves and the orcs to defend the World Tree.

  • World Tree VerSus Lich King v1.01

    *World Tree is protecting himself an evil Lich King, Human & Night Elvens is trying to protect World Tree. With Orcs & Undeads and try to kill Lich King before, they kill World Tree.

  • Bridge wars v7 Campaign heros

    preview of Bridge wars v7 Campaign heros

    This is a normal mele map but with more things added its bridge wars as i call it haha well enjoy ill get things better soon this map took 20min to make

  • Story of a Gladiator v1.1b

    preview of Story of a Gladiator v1.1b

    JBL zach.kirov85@gmail.com The fights between heroes to become Ultimate Gladiator. -Can vs AI & Neutral, more Heroes and abilities -Removed external sounds, file size smaller -Map saved 14times

  • Battle in2Worlds -Life&Hades v1b

    Demons entered our world.When u alive, fight them @living world; When dead, enter &fight @Hades world. If die in Hades, Rest In Peace! Only fight in 1world won't win.Not only u can enter 2worlds, but enemies2 By: JBL zach.kirov85@gmail.com (Can vs AI)


    preview of SLIDE WISPY SLIDE

    Run Ninja Run - ON ICE! ORIGINAL BY MEANING Based on the beta by Ubethatway. Ninja change by StrikerFred Wispy Change by Elsamey

  • City Wars

    preview of City Wars

    This is the real version, the one i put on epicwar was only a test! But, after the separations of all nations, some people runned to mak new cities, you must now defeat your enemies to have the control of all land affff

  • Pimp My Skeleton v1.2

    preview of Pimp My Skeleton v1.2

    Made be Drakosa123 Terrain New! Swords:Crystal Sword,Trident,Pitlords Weapon and Lightsaber!

  • Instinto Lucifer 1.0

    Tem uma introdução mto legal... jogue e prove Sua missão eh upar mto... e matar o lucifer ^^

  • ????0.75

    preview of ????0.75

    -load : ??. -save : ?? ?ESC: ????.?????????? -u: ??5???(30?1?) -z 50~150 : ????. -go ????

  • Maze of Eternity

    Most of people spend eternity in this maze, until their flesh start to rot here...

  • Life of a Morloc vGOLD

    preview of Life of a Morloc vGOLD

    Play as a Cop, fish Dealer, Triad or a normal morloc. Become Mayor, Mailman, Doctor and many more. Suggestions or glitches to stankynuggys, mete0rite, or DelYlonSlayer. GOLD Version 7.4

  • Chaos Tournament

    preview of Chaos Tournament

    An hero arena map with decent AI players. You can battle up to 10 players on this map. Team up or beat 'em up all on your own!

  • Hero Dynamics v1.02

    Read the game info and ask for a game in the forums: http://hero-dynamics.com (open with firefox) "Very impressive. I could see this game becoming a fast favorite of mine." "The only game I have seen with the potential to rival DOTA competitively."

  • Shattered Union 2.0

    preview of Shattered Union 2.0

    Epic war that was fought in America, between Americans. 2 Million fought and over 600,000 died. Relive this war of annihilation.