• NSAT v0.18b

    Map Maker;Ts-StAr_ScReAm @eurobattle.net (whisper me for suggestion or ideas. Thanks to:Anitarf from clan WEnW for starting this map and giving me idea to make it perfect About map:Its a fast game where you have to make good tactic to defeat opponent

  • City Wars Advanced 1.4

    preview of City Wars Advanced 1.4

    City Wars updated, Build your city and beat your enemies! Vote for my map, play it, you will like!

  • HRP 1.4a - Castles (Fix)

    Based off the RPs of theblackmage and Iamthewalrus and Maric HRP 1.4 by AncientofRever. Released 10/12 Forum for planning RPs, private games, and suggestions: z3.invisionfree.com/Ancients_Grove -EXPLOIT FIXED-

  • S.S. v1.0a

    ?????????? ???????? ?? ???? ??? ?? ?????????? ????? ??? ??? ?? ????????? ????????? ????. Mods:-ms,-tba.

  • Naruto Forest Arena 1.3

    This is a german Map. You can play it as anotherone but you will understand it better as german Team 1: Naruto | Sasuke | Sakura Team 2: Gaara | Kankuro | Temari Team 3: Kimimaro | Zabuza | Haku Team 4: Itachi | Deidara | Kisame All Heroes have Model

  • Risk Evolution v2.0 Roc/Ft

    preview of Risk Evolution v2.0 Roc/Ft

    Storm Europe, watch your truces, and be on your toes. Risk has never been more fun! Supports 12 Players. (<Supportable for ROC and TFT>) -=Orginal by Mr.Blitzkrieg=-

  • Ridin' Dirty Maze!

    Well.. you were pimpin it out ridin dirty... fast... and the coppers caught you! You've trashed your car now run for your life or be put in jail!

  • CustomHeroLineWars v1.5

    Create your own custom hero and summon creep to attack the opposing heros while defending your own lane. Our official website can be found at: www.customherolinewars.com

  • Snipers Final Remix 1.50

    preview of Snipers Final Remix 1.50

    -Snipers.Remix Final: From SC Map: Elite Snipers.- 2 Teams of Elite Snipers battle for dominance on a desert ruin. Rated: M(Mature) Parental discretion is advised.

  • Rabbits vs. Sheep 0.9.97

    Kill your pets faster than the enemy kill theirs. Map made by Gate[C]aster copyright: 2007 download the newest Version at www.Gatecaster.tk!

  • Land of Tales

    preview of Land of Tales

    The ancient tales, are says a land, what cannot in the world map. This place is sacred, but after the battle in mount hyjal, this place is discovered by the night elves, and lots of races fightning for the land of tales.

  • The Fallen Heroes 1.0

    In this game you are a fallen hero. Your mission is to defeat 20 waves of enemy. Game includes 8 different hero with 6 spells, 2 own music, loading screen, preview, over 60 items, recipes and much more... Aeroblyctos@hotmail.com

  • warmday 1.3

    preview of warmday 1.3

    - Expansion-only terrain is being used - Expansion-only doodads/destructibles are being used - Expansion-only units are being used - Expansion-only items are being used - Dropped items have been specified for doodads (Doodad Properties)

  • FUN-MAP 2

    Ach hallo ich bin der hanswurst un ich soll euch erzählen was da drußen los is . aber dat wird nischt ich hau nähmlich ab weil ich nichts damit zutun haben will cu.

  • Country Wars 0.04

    Welcome To V0.04! Report any problems to me at tatantyler@yahoo.com Everybody Has A random Neutral building. You Need Warcraft 3:The Frozen Throne.

  • Raidmasters: Confrontation

    Two brave parties descend into the depths of Felwood to destroy Gharmannadar the Terrorlord, a pit lord of incredible power before he uses his Hellgate to overwhelm the both the Horde and the Alliance. The party who destroys Gharmannadar will be the wi

  • World War One-Road to War v3.7b Beta

    World War One - the war that preceded the great WW2, few know much about this war that had a hugely significant impact on the world. Experience the war that began it all - World War One

  • Final Fantasy Item Island

    Version of UndeadBudgie's FFRPG v1.10 except that I have edited this map so people can get the item they want. Warning if you go over level 275 and you want to save + load onto the original version of v1.10, it will not work. By: Bonryiu

  • D.O.M.E.v1.9i

    preview of D.O.M.E.v1.9i

    Human = Dwarfs Orc = Ogres and Trolls Undead = Murlocs Night Elf = Ents

  • Sieunhanvn lvl 100 V3.44

    Chao mung cac ban den voi the gioi giai tri cua SieunhanVN , Moi thong tin thac mac ve game xin lien he tai :http://www.guildcongaihanoi.somee.com Hay Luu Y Den Goc 6 va 12h & 9H

  • WorldOfWarcraft BC X.21

    preview of WorldOfWarcraft BC X.21


  • Hokage Ninja VS1.6 English Version

    This is a ninja's world, here, ninja is a dream job for every child! (1.20 version) <Naruto> VS1.6 English Version Author: WMX(Sean) QQ?224247878 Email?finalfanntasy@21cn.com

  • Jedd's Footman Wars v1.00

    preview of Jedd's Footman Wars v1.00

    Jedd's Footman Wars v1.00 This map contains many new ideas to improve gameplay. Press F9 in game for help. Created by Jedd

  • Carnival from Hell 1.8c

    You were looking for the fair and you found a carnival. Sounds like it might be fun, doesn't it? Of course it does, it always does at first... Models and skins from www.WC3Sear.ch !

  • Barrens Of War

    Its a fast maked fight map. Just kill another. No idea in game but whatever XD

  • DragonBall Z TD Alpha V1.14

    Gaurd the children from Aliens and Martial artist's with dbz characters Each round brings a force more powerful then you have ever felt

  • The Evil Mansion v2.0a

    You and your friends find yourselves lost in a barren desert and come across a large mansion. Your party decides to try to find help inside it, but you find anything but help... This consists of various challenges that you must beat, survive, or solve

  • Space Empires v1.15B.2

    -weapon types: lasers are good against capital ships, missiles are good against frigates, flak weapons are good against fighters, and antimatter weapons are good against planets. -to view the current amount of crystal you control, type -display crystal

  • eeve! TD v0.16

    Choose between 105 towers from 6 elements to slay 57 waves of creeps!

  • Enfo's TS: MT Edition 1.83

    Go to Advanced Options for Game Modes: - Random Races: Vote Mode OFF - Random Hero: Random Mode. Released on October 15, 2007 .

  • Hero Dynamics v0.61

    preview of Hero Dynamics v0.61

    -->For info on the game: http://www.thehelper.net/forums/showthread.php?t=50100 -->For suggestions/feedback/comments, send e-mail to: Hero_Dynamic@hotmail.com "Very impressive. I could see this game becoming a fast favorite of mine!"

  • Footman Destiny War V1.1M

    This game is created by Mjnwu it is the original Footman Frenzy version. Plz almost play this version !! (Fix Bug Ability of Muradin)

  • Sieunhanvn lvl 100 V3.45

    Chao mung cac ban den voi the gioi giai tri cua SieunhanVN , Moi thong tin thac mac ve game xin lien he tai :http://www.guildcongaihanoi.somee.com Hay Luu Y Den Goc 6 va 12h & 9H

  • (8) EHero Elf-face 2.3d

    preview of (8) EHero Elf-face 2.3d

    Naga's Keeper against Elf Warriors frenzy (TFT1.21) --AI-- Brain Power Wars; Elf NPC approach New HERO comes, new waves units, new level difficults, Enjoy! Hero.Combat Arena Inserted safety, reduce lags

  • WarChasers X V 3.7.2

    preview of WarChasers X V 3.7.2

    Four daring souls embody an ancient hero and co-operatively fight their way through a legendary city after done once before, but this time... New souls, New Heros, And the Creeps have gotten faster, stronger and harder altogether... Edited by Docc.Holiday