• Human Onslaught TD

    preview of Human Onslaught TD

    Don't let the humans get to the Zombie Hall or you die! Live till the timer hits 0.

  • DoTI Allstars 3.9

    This map contains 50 kinds of heoes (45 in tavern , 5 hidden) Game Mode : -ap , -mm , -ml , -sc , -ms , -em , -rf , apong is my idol (try it !!)

  • WINTER TD 1.0

    Edited by Hell_Dragon. Change the models and the terrain of the original map. Also add loading screen ,music and map preview.

  • warmday 1.1

    preview of warmday 1.1

    - Expansion-only units are being used - Expansion-only custom data values are being used Object Editor - Spy

  • Imperia-Islas Matak v1.2

    Los 12 imperios se disputan el control del Archipiélago de Islas Matak. Las alianzas se conforman y empieza una competencia comercial en diferentes islas. ¿Quién ganará el control de la región?

  • Avatar Arena v3.5f

    preview of Avatar Arena v3.5f

    Avatar Arena : 3rd Age. Choose from 68 Avatars and join in the battle between the Light Forces and the Dark Forces! Gamemodes: -AA, -AR, -SA, -AD, -AL, -MA.

  • Archer Arena

    - Select from many different archers to train. - Defeat the other archer team by destroying all their buildings.

  • Anominer World RPG v1.7c

    ~By D.L_King_D3ath~ Choose Between 14 Unique heroes, and play to an special map with 24 quests and 31 items. Http://Freewebs.com/anominer

  • Harry Potter Wiz Wars M.o.M. 2.58

    Play as an OtP or a death-eater and kill your foes with deadly curses! -I have Completely revamped this game and made it awesome! -Surprisingly realistic to the Books/movies with whats possible in this game! -Lots of good items & much more! -Updates!

  • Tree Tag: Ancient Beasts

    preview of Tree Tag: Ancient Beasts

    You are an ent or an beast if you are an ent you have to run away from the different infernals. But if you are an infernal you have to burn all the ents.Some new changes.THIS IS NOT COMPLETED. Made by : piggy3434 Edited by : Channel Sheepy and piggy3434

  • Risk Revolution - Tactics Wars 1.1

    Particularitys: -many new unit; -unit Flag to help players who fight a lot; -new Countries and Islands; -new terains and relief; -new armor and attack tipes; -and a lot of little improvements.

  • Goblin Exploration Squad! V0.4

    preview of Goblin Exploration Squad! V0.4

    You are a band of outcast goblins who have travelled far to find a place to call home. Now you stand at the edge of Ashenvale Forest - a forest filled with rare lumber and rocks. Make this place your home. PLAYER 1 IS NEEDED TO START THE GAME!!! v0.4

  • Burbenog TD Abridged!

    This version of the map is unlocked and has had changes made to the terrain to shorten the distances between bases. Version 2.32f

  • Hero Maul Wars v6.2

    preview of Hero Maul Wars v6.2

    Build Heroes to defend against your opponent Features include -various Heroes w/ special powers -special thanks to: my brother, neighbors, triplezero163, kaihsu, ojiro9 and eparrape. by potato_sauce if you find any errors, email jlisc0@yahoo.com

  • Battle In Europe

    Your are incharge of winning this battle. Make an army attack other people and be as rich and powerful is possible

  • Gigantismo Versión 1.2

    preview of Gigantismo Versión 1.2

    En una región remota del mundo de Warcraft, un ser demente aumenta el tamaño de las criaturas, otorgandoles mucho poder y poniendolas a su servicio. ¡Controla uno de los 6 aventureros o unete al poder y ayuda al demente!

  • Koki DotA Template 1.0

    Just add Heroes and items! A free Koki DotA template for any mapper to use. Includes all random, all pick, an item combiner, multiboard and sample heroes. Revives fallen units and tallies score. Prevents most backdooring and spawns stronger units.

  • Trap Fest 2004 v2.61

    preview of Trap Fest 2004 v2.61

    Dominate your opponent with an assortment of traps. Choose one hero with one special ability to help destroy your enemies traps. = Original Version = (2004) - Created by Malakaia - Beta Test Mystic GOD = New Version = (2006) - Adjusting by Cartes

  • Kirby Warz Remade v1.1

    Kirby Warz, an RTS. Build Units to kill the enemies main Kirbys. Treasure Boxes are gold mines, building them too close to your shelters can bug your main workers.

  • Loap War v13.6 protected

    If you like loap freedom fighters or loap starship troopers or corrupted factory or mechwarrior or loap halo, u will love this! -this map was made by Monkey_dude800 and NO ONE ELSE - someone else claims to have made it, they are lieing

  • Humano VS Undead 5.8b

    Jogo Brasileiro no estilo Campanha !! Humano Vs Undead !! Quem será que vai vencer? Tudo depende de você!!

  • Purple TD v2.4a

    preview of Purple TD v2.4a

    A small sized map tower defense. Contains many different tower upgrades, and should run easy on lower quality computers & connections. This map was presented to you by: Blue_Entharion

  • Furbolgs vs Gnolls v2.3 [SM]

    preview of Furbolgs vs Gnolls v2.3 [SM]

    The war between the two furry forest races has begun. Who will win? It's time to find out. Each of the races has their own, unic strategy and gameplay style. Defeat your enemy, and show them who is the forest king!

  • Sieunhanvn lvl 100 V3.43

    Chao mung cac ban den voi the gioi giai tri cua SieunhanVN , Moi thong tin thac mac ve game xin lien he tai :http://www.guildcongaihanoi.somee.com Hay Luu Y Den Goc 6 va 12h & 9H

  • Lucha por la vida

    Guerra entre humanos y muertos vivientes en las islas sumergidas solo vivira uno y no sera facil. - Puedes invocar 3 heroes maximo - Nuevos edifios y unidades - Nuevas actualizaciones

  • The Last Legions AoS v1.0c

    Features: Has pet system. Dog has no attack. Has realexp wich you gain str,int,agi by by fighting heroes. Enjoy this map. This is a great AoS map. Have fun!!! By: Jongzky Malupitz My real name is Emmanuel S. Rodulfo, Jr. Special thanks to: Joshua

  • 13s Speedmod - Cpt.DaveyJones v2.7.5

    preview of 13s Speedmod - Cpt.DaveyJones v2.7.5

    Serra Looked upon the epic battle and thought... WHY ARE THESE GODDAMN HUMANS THAT SLOW?? I HAVE TO GO IN 15 MINUTES, THE WAR SHALL HAVE FINISHED UNTIL THEN! And so he used his godlike powers to speed them up. Let us See! version 2.7.

  • The Last Legions AoS v1.0d

    I just fixed Varimathrazz's attack because it does not work. I also fixed some hero descriptions. Like that of the Flamelord. By: Jongzky Malupitz My real name is Emmanuel S. Rodulfo, Jr. Special thanks to: Joshua